It is not late to get on the train of a massive Turkish lira depreciation with the help of our Forex robots.

The lira has lost around one third of its value between January 2016 and early 2017 which was followed by a correction until September.

The depreciation of the lira has resumed since then and on Tuesday broke above its previous high. Our forex robots take this as a strong sign that the lira will continue to depreciate in the coming months.

You just have to find the best entry points to ride the lira trade well. Our forex robots will warn you to close your position to avoid corrections and will send you a notice to reopen your positions when the technical setting shows that the trend is ready to resume.

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What is happening in Turkey?

Before you start to trade the depreciation of the lira with our forex robots let’s take a look at the fundamental picture. This ensures that the current trend is valid and you can count on it. Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s way of governing the country does not do any good for the economy.

Inflation is running high at 11,9% according to the latest data, while the Turkish central bank is not willing to hike its base rate from the current 12% thanks to the political pressure from the government.

According to analysts similar emerging countries would need a 3-4% real interest rate to preserve the stability of their currency.

On the top of that the European Union will reduce its pre-accession transfers to Turkey due to the uncertain state of democracy in the country. Meanwhile Erdogan’s relations with the United States are also deteriorated which contributes to the weakness of the Turkish currency.

The US accuses a Turkish gold trader with the violation of the economic sanctions against Iran. However, the Turkish government refused to cooperate and sees the US actions as conspiracy against the country.

One of Erdogan’s advisors went so far as to bring up the termination of Turkey’s NATO membership.

Such a situation where negative political circumstances affect the economy negatively and even the independence of the central bank is questionable provides great trading opportunity.

Forex robots help to single out the best moments to buy and levels when it is advisable to realize the profit before a correction.

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