As we explained it earlier US stock indices has rallied a lot in a January, so a correction is due. The first sign of that was traders’ reaction to Caterpillar’s earnings report. Caterpillar is one of the best performing stocks of the Dow Jones index. Thanks to increasing economic activity and higher demand for natural resources the demand for the construction and mining equipment manufacturer’s products has also increased considerably. This explained the higher revenue and profit of the company. In the forth quarter of 2017 the company’s earning per share easily beat expectations once again. The company earned $2.16 for every share. This is much higher than the $1.79 expected by the market. Normally, the price of such an overachieving stock jumps right after the report was published. However, the owners of Caterpillar used this report to realize the hefty profit they made during the last couple of years. They had a good a point. The stock gained more than 18% during the last 3 month and more than 66% during the last year.

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Another top performer of the US stock market will publish its earnings report on Wednesday. The stock has a similarly outstanding performance during the last period, the stock has gained 30% during the last 3 months and more than doubled during the last year. That company is Boeing which also gained a lot from the economic pickup and the recovery of air travel. The same can happen, however, with Boing’s stock after the earnings report, even in the case the company beats expectations. In case of an earnings miss, however, the price could fall considerably.

Pro forex signals_2018-01-30

The bottom line is that pro forex signals may help stock traders to short Boeing with a relatively small risk before it publishes its earnings report tomorrow.

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